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Lovense Exomoon Lipstick Vibe

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Product Description

Exomoon - Bluetooth Secret Lipstick Bullet Vibrator. The best design, weight and size for a bullet vibrator that you can take anywhere.  No one will notice your pretty vibe. A "lipstick" that will make anyone smile. Amazing power to satisfy even the most intense vibration seekers. Your pretty, tiny vibe: matte black case, bronze-detail control button, and a perfect shade of orgasm. Carry your secret vibrator in a purse or pocket and no one else will be the wiser... Stimulate nipples on a lowest vibration level for a slow solo session or an additional sensation during sex. Send ripples of pleasure through your or your partner's body, stimulating the inner thighs. Have an intense, multi-orgasmic session and let your clitoris experience Exomoon's power.