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Lovense Vulse Thrusting Egg - Red

SKU: ELLOV0159Hytto Pte. Ltd.751Available Order Processed Within 24 Hours
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Product Description

Vulse. App-controlled hands-free thrusting egg vibrator. Elevate orgasm up to next levels with thrusts and vibes. Vulse enable to free your hands via its powerful motor. Sleek tip makes it slide in smoothly anytime the mood strikes you. App-controlled allow Vulse to be managed by sound, music, or motion, freeing up user's hands. Vulse offers a unique experience by combining rapid, thrusting motions with powerful vibrations, delivering precise G-spot stimulation that leads to intense climaxes. With the ability to reach speeds of up to 120 strokes per minute and a 10mm thrusting length. Prohibited selling platforms includes but are not limited to: Amazon, eBay, including all 3rd party marketplace sites, even if they are operated and controlled exclusively by the authorized re-seller.Rebates, coupons, credits, percentage discounts or any manner of discounting which results in a net price in cart below Lovense MAP pricing regardless of circumstances will be considered as not complying with the MAP policy. One Year Warranty.