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7 things you didn't know about Anal Sex

7 things you didn't know about Anal Sex

7 Things You Didn't Know About Anal Sex


There are a host of reasons why anal sex is considered taboo. Whether it stems from the strict no fanny-business policy of several religions, general homophobia and machismo, or even literal laws that condemn the act with severe ramifications, one thing is for sure: miseducation and misinformation have prevented people from something that is 100% natural, totally pleasurable (for many), and honestly, none of anyone else’s business!

Who’s to say what you can and can’t be into, or what you should be doing with your own body?

1. Anal Sex Isn't Anything New

Some people may declare this year as “The Year of the Butt,” but truthfully, there were “Centuries of the Butt” long before anal sex got popularized again by breaking through taboos. 4,000-year-old pottery from Ancient Mesopotamia suggests that anal sex was far from abnormal back then. Artifacts from Peruvian Moche culture show the exact same.

As far as Greece, it’s widely known that homosexuality and anal sex were approached with an “ain’t no thing but a chicken wing” mindset. So, let’s stop talking about anal sex as if it were something “modern.”

2. Let's Do It Like They Do On Discovery Channel

Humans aren’t the only animals who enjoy sex through the backdoor. Giraffes have a lot of anal sex—and while anal sex is not strictly a homosexual activity (more on that later), observations indicate that it is often more common in giraffes than heterosexual activity.

For those who think that males being penetrated is “unmanly,” perhaps look at African Lions, of which 8% have engaged in anal sex with other males. Nearly 75% of Bonobo sex is non-reproductive, meaning a lot of anal.

Female spotted hyenas, which are basically feminist as heck, have clitorises so big that they are able to mount males or other females and top them during anal sex. As far as butt stuff being “unnatural". Unnatural my ass.

3. The Internet Is Buzzing With Anal Sex

According to Pornhub’s statistics (which are fascinating), Anal is the 5th most popular category in the US and UK, and 2nd biggest in France, and the #1 biggest in Germany. Oui oui mes amis, butt stuff is an international phenomenon.

4. Anal Sex Means More Than You Think

People often think that anal sex is restricted to a male penis being inserted into another male’s anus. Such is not the case. Anal sex is inclusive of analingus (rimming, or oral anal sex), fingering, pegging (wearing a strap-on dildo to penetrate a partner, often seen with females pegging their male partners), and a variety of other toy usages. If you’re new to anal sex, the Waterproof Gender X Gold Digger set is a fabulous way to get started. If you’re experienced, maybe you want to go so far as the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug. Even if you’re using these bad boys alone, you’re having anal sex! Welcome.

5. Anal Sex Can Lead To Orgasms For Everyone

Cis men can orgasm from receiving anal sex due to their prostates, whereas cis females can orgasm due to indirect stimulation of their clitorises, or an area referred to as the “G-Spot.” Meaning, anal sex can be enjoyable for everyone involved, debunking myths about it only being a good time for the “top.” That said, not everyone enjoys anal sex, and that is totally fine.

These facts are not to be used to pressure anyone into anything. And as far as anal sex being strictly for homosexuals, that’s far from the truth: 44% of straight cis men and 38% of straight cis women have participated in anal sex in one form or another (both giving and receiving).

6. Lube for Anal Sex Is Nothing New

In Ancient Greece, olive oil was more than just something to dip your bread into. The Greeks often used it for lubrication, which we highly advise you do for anal sex. That said, olive oil is not safe to use with condoms as the protection might break. Thus, we suggest you go with this anal sex lube kit by Doc Johnson. If you want to get really fancy, you can use a “Lube Tube” to apply your lube in your desired location without mess.

7. Anal Sex Doesn't Have to Be "Dirty"

Let’s be blunt: we use our butts to poop. It makes sense that a lot of people would think that anal sex is thus “filthy” in some way. But it doesn’t have to be. Enemas are used to clean out the colon, helping to keep you feeling confident during anal sex.