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5 Everyday items to Boost your Sex Game

5 Everyday items to Boost your Sex Game

5 Everyday items to Boost your Sex Game

Real talk. Sex toys cost money, and they’re a worthy investment for sooo many reasons:

  • They stimulate deep, pleasurable nerve endings you may have never felt before. 
  • Some bodies require sex toys to orgasm, and that’s perfectly OK. 
  • You can use them for masturbation or with a partner, to deepen your intimacy and try new ways to play. 

I’m a big toy fan. But I also know you don’t need toys to have good sex. 

In fact, used correctly, there are tons of items you can use to enhance sexual pleasure – and you’ve probably got most of these items lying around the house. Here are my favorite low-lift pleasure hacks you can try right now, without spending a dime. 

Change the Angle with a Pillow

Take your vaginal or anal sex up a notch – literally. Putting a pillow underneath the receiving partner’s hips allows for deeper penetration, which can be the difference between a decent and a mind-blowing orgasm. 

With the pelvis lifted, the vaginal canal straightens. So, if the receiving partner has a G-spot, they’re in for a real treat: it’s easier for a penis, finger, or toy to stimulate it this way. 

For Cowgirl/boy, the giving partner can also place the pillow underneath their hips, so that the receiving partner is in more of a kneeling position. More bounce, more comfort for the receiving partner, more novelty for the giving partner. Just throw the pillowcase in the wash when you’re done! Speaking of…

Try the OG Vibrator, Your Washing Machine

Stop me if you’ve ever heard “have sex on a washing machine,” but for real – do it. Let me tell you why.

For one, it might be a new sex position for you, plain and simple. The giving partner stands, while the receiving partner sits on top, facing each other. Tons of eye contact and intimacy, while leveling out height differences! Genius.

But secondly, if you’re nervous about your moans and dirty talk, the washing machine is your new BFF. Many of us find it easier to let go and be more sexually expressive when there’s other sound happening. How great that you get to have loud sex, while your towels get clean?

Finally, if your washing machine (or dryer) rumbles, the receiving partner might discover some exciting new sensations. Never underestimate the power of full-booty vibrations, while you’re having an orgasm.  

Give Erotic Massage with Coconut Oil

Massaging your partner (or yourself) can be super-hot – and coconut oil is a pantry staple you can use for this exact purpose.

To try it, put a little coconut oil in your hands, and rub directly onto skin. Body heat will loosen the oil if it’s not already viscous, and rubbing it on their back, chest or breasts is sexy anyway. 

Note: while many lubes use coconut oil as a base, I advise against using it as a lube. Coconut oil has a high pH, making it alkaline, while the normal pH of the vagina is slightly acidic. This can disrupt the natural pH balance of your vagina, so if you’re prone to yeast infections or other vaginal infections, coconut oil applied directly to the vulva is a no-no. Just use it as a sexy rubdown, prior to penetration.

If it’s the coconut scent you love though, this lube smells like a sexy vacation – and is made with completely genital-safe ingredients. 

Do Temperature Play with Ice

You might have heard this sex tip before, but here’s the real reason ice is such a fun additive to sex. 

Ice stimulates your brain’s neuroreceptors, arousing your nervous system and making skin deliciously sensitive. Try putting a small piece in your mouth as you give oral sex, or chill your fingertips with an ice cube before exploring your partner’s body. Neck, nipples, inner thighs, sides of the torso: they’re all sensitive erogenous zones! And they’ll all light up when you apply a chilly stimulant. 

Ice is also a fun way to spice up handplay. Dip your fingers in icy cold water, then wrap them around your partner’s shaft for an exciting hand job. Conversely, if your partner has a vulva, try penetrating them with chilled fingers. The sensation will give them a little shock – in a good way.

Get a Little Kinky with Scarves & Ties

Cute accessory, or BDSM prop? You decide. 

Chances are, you’ve got a scarf or necktie in your closet. Next time you’re playing with a partner, use it to tie their wrists together, or to tie them to the bed itself. The power dynamics introduce a zing to the sex itself – there’s something exciting about one partner being in charge, and the other a little helpless.

Similarly, you can use this accessory as a blindfold. Why not put it on your partner, while applying the ice tips above? Denying one sense heightens the others…if you know what I mean. 

The Possibilities are Endless.

Once you start exploring, you’ll start seeing sexual possibilities everywhere. The more creative you get, the more you’ll embrace pleasure – and unlock your sexual power.