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Alien Nation Centaur

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Product Description

The AlienNation Story: After Earth was struck by a ten-mile wide asteroid, a sixth mass extinction event occurred, ending human civilization as we know it. What life remained would be impacted as never before...for carried inside the meteor's core was a primordial, regenerative being, a billion years old, known as Primus. And soon Primus would change everything, into nothing ever seen: from beasts to buildings, from the fly to the sky, an Alien Nation was born. The “Centaur" Story: Part man, part beast, Centaur emerged from the forbidden hills where no mortal dared set foot; a new creature sparked into life by divine providence and a chance encounter of primate and Canidae. With it's muscular form and hammered-copper, silvered-swirls and handsome purple exterior, Centaur cuts quite a figure...all the way down to it's wolfen knot! One Year Warranty.

  • Measurements:

    Overall Length: 9”
    Insertable Length: 8.5”
    Narrowest Insertable Diameter: 1”
    Widest Insertable Diameter: 3”

    Weight: 1.35 lbs
    Materials: Silicone
    Color: Copper, silver, purple